Committee of Age Reading Experts


The Committee of Age Reading Experts (CARE) is a cooperative effort between international, state, and federal agencies dedicated to standardizing and improving age determination techniques and activities for Pacific Ocean fish species. Agencies involved include PSMFC, NOAA-NMFS AFSC, CDFO, ODFW, ADF&G, WDFW, CDFG, and IPHC.


CARE is an affiliate of the technical subcommittee of the Canada-U.S. Ground Fish Committee (TSC).

Current CARE Officers

Chair: Delsa Anderl (NOAA-NMFS)
Vice Chair: Andrew Claiborne (WDFW)
Secretary:  Nikki Atkins (NWFSC-PSMFC)
CARE Manual: Elisa Russ (ADFG)
Charter Committee: Elisa Russ (ADFG)
Webmaster: Jon Short (NOAA-NMFS)
Web Forum: Nikki Atkins (PSMFC)